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We are celebrating the launch of REALfriends

REALfriends – A pioneering Anti-Bullying Club

To coincide with Anti-Bullying Week on 16th November 2015, REALfriends will launch its first support Club for the bullied young people of Uttlesford.

REALfriends is the result of over a year’s research into the effective resources available to combat bullying and best support our young people”. Morag Linwood – creator of REALfriends

What we do?
REALfriends will provide a structured, long term, support program designed exclusively for young people currently enduring bullying. It will provide young people, parents and carers in Uttlesford with information, training and support to help them deal with the effects of bullying.

REALfriends will equip young people with a toolbox of practical skills which will empower and help them deal with the effects of being bullied. They will join a group of ‘REALfriends’ who will understand what they have endured. As a peer group they will help each other to perfect the techniques they have learned in the club so they become ‘bully proof’ and safe in the future.

The program has been devised with knowledge gained through extensive worldwide research into the various areas of bullying and the effective resources utilized to combat it.

Who can use the service and is it free?
First and foremost, we offer a FREE service in a safe environment supported by Essex County Council Youth Services.

REALfriends Support Club Is designed exclusively for young people of secondary school age, currently enduring bullying issues. The main emphasis will be to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence. In addition, the group will provide peer support through a ready-made group of ‘REALfriends’ with similar understandings of the feelings and issues relating to being bullied.

In addition to the Anti-Bullying Club we provide support and information to parents and carers on issues that might concern them. Help and advice is also available on how best to support a young person experiencing bullying.

How is the service delivered in Uttlesford?
The young person will be invited to a private introduction session where we assess how we can best help and support them. They will then join a group of ‘REALfriends’ made up of 10/12 young people who are also dealing with bullying issues. Together, in a safe, private location we will offer a multi axis, support club. The program is designed to inform, empower and raise self-esteem. It will safeguard young people by highlighting the negative effects of bullying and offer ways to deal with various circumstances they may encounter.

Phone/text us: 07506 602284
Club opening times: Wednesdays from 7pm-9pm, by prior appointment only. Venue will remain private.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Morag Linwood on 07506 602284/01371 830403 or email:

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